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Our Process

Candidate Research

Finding candidates and receiving applicants is not recruiting. With our partnership our team of dedicated recruiters continuously reaching out to the market’s top talent on your behalf. This talent is sourced with deep research, with the sharing of market trends, and uses the full advantage of our market-leading newsletter, Bill’s Buzz, which reaches nearly 20,000 finance professionals – globally. We identify and connect with top performers in each sector we cover. There are other ways to find someone to ‘do the job’ – we will find you star performers who stand apart.

Short Listing

We pre-screen the best-qualified and interested candidates and then interview face-to-face those whom excelled. At which point we discuss with the candidates the market importance of our client and the opportunity at hand. We are honest about possible challenges that come with the role, and are realistic regarding possible career progression. We believe this approach ensures both our client and the potential candidates enter the recruitment process with all relevant information. Finally, we select only the strongest candidates and present them as a “Short List” for consideration.

Interview Stage

Each process is unique to each search with each client and are planned to ensure a smooth sequence of events to ensure a positive ‘candidate experience’. Our main role during this stage is process and analyze the large volume of information gathered and shared. As an intermediary, we act as a window into the concerns or queries of all stakeholders, addressing issues and questions promptly. We serve to gage interest level, collect feedback, and provide transparency which increases the efficiency of the Interview

Offer and Acceptance

Our experienced team of recruiters provides support and market knowledge so that your competitive offers get accepted. We use our experience, gathered over hundreds of financial services searches with negotiation training and up to date data from our Compensation Summary as tools to craft compelling offers.

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